Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Take Rest

Lately, I have been thinking about our "no rest" culture that we have all grown up in. It is unhealthy to go through each day without resting your physical body..but what about your mental and spiritual self. It is so important to rest your mind and let your spirit come alive. When we are distracted by filling our day with work, texting, phone calls, driving kids around, running, running, running..how can we hear the voice of God within us helping us and guiding us along our day. 

Where do we find retreat or do we just drop in bed each night in utter exhaustion?

Where is there time for rest in your day?

  • Get up in the morning and pray or meditate. Get in the habit, get in the routine. This focus will change your day and possibly your life.
  • Pick up carry-out instead of cooking ( I cannot believe I am telling you to eat out!). If this gets you an extra hour to read, nap or watch a mindless show, just do it.

  • Schedule rest into each day. Block off 30 to 60 minutes each day. Write it on your calendar. Do not miss this appointment. It might be the most important of the day.
  • Get off Facebook, stop texting everyone you know, sit quietly with all electronics turned off. Enjoy the silence, you will be able to think and problem solve in this mode.
  • Schedule less tasks on your calendar. Say no more often.
  • Ask for help and delegate to the able bodied people you live with. Write down some tasks that you are willing to give up and give them lovingly to someone else. (if you can afford to pay someone to do your most dreaded tasks, that works as well)
Let me know how you are doing with rest. I wish you great health and happiness.

Denise Lovat
Certified Health Coach

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