Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Upgrade Your Life for a Boost in Happiness

It seems lately that I have been noticing small ways to "upgrade" my life. There are countless opportunities each day to make our lives better......just a little at a time.
  1. WATER: I recently started to drink RO (reverse osmosis) water that I buy by the gallon at Whole Paycheck Market (read: Whole Foods Market).  When I am forced to drink tap water or water from a drinking fountain at Lifetime Fitness, I cannot believe what I taste: chlorine. We get used to what we have, but this simple upgrade makes a difference for me.
  2. OFFICE SPACE: I set up my office in our basement because I need so much room for files, my library of resources and materials for putting together many different demonstrations for heatlh fairs. Lately, I realize that it feels like I am dong penance down there. The basement is finished and good enough, but it does not feel beautiful.  Last weekend with the help of my husband,  I moved my office back up to our computer room that we had redecorated several years back with California Closets. I feel human again and it gave me a chance to reorganize my work space and surround myself with some beautiful pictures and flowers. This upgrade makes me more productive.
Here are some other ideas to Upgrade Your Life:
  1. EXERCISE: If you are stuck in a rut doing the same 45 minute walk or run on a treadmill, UPGRADE! Ride your bike, jump rope, take a yoga class, or meditate. Join a group! There might be a group of people right in your neighborhood that are biking, walking or running. Group Fitness is very successful and a great way to work out and connect. Start your own group. Ask a few friends if they would be willing to meet 2x /week to run, walk or bike at a local park. This group will add accountability to your goals.
  2. CLOTHING: If you have not worn something in 1 year, please donate it. Getting rid of clothes and items that you no longer use, leaves room in your life for some new, pretty and wonderful things.
  3. FOOD: Make a commitment to upgrade your week of food. Maybe the upgrade idea is meatless Mondays, maybe it is 2 days eating vegetarian each week . Maybe the upgrade is cutting back on cheese or meat or alcohol. These small UPGRADES will provide you with real health benefits. Make your upgrades slowly, so you don't feel overwhelmed.
  4. PEOPLE: If there are people in your life that are not good for your health, UPGRADE by not including them in your life anymore.  Reach out to new people at work, church, clubs, gym, book club. Find people that will support you in reaching your goals.
I would love to hear your upgrade ideas. Email me at and let's talk.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Do you need to make room in your life?

I finally cleaned out my closet over the past two days. I hate the winter clothes, the dust on the carpeting along the base boards and the piles of t-shirts with logos from places I never went to. How did I even get these into my house? You can make a patchwork blanket out of t-shirts, but that project is not for me and is not happening in my lifetime.

I remember reading that when you have no room in your closet "physically" when you go shopping, you cannot seem to find anything to buy because your mind knows there is no room. I have found this to be true.

If you seem to have accumulated too much over this winter, this year or over the past few years, now is a good time to clear it out to make room for what you really want in your life. When you are 80 years old and still have a home full of collectibles and clutter, you will truly be overwhelmed.

I am going to start you out with some information from If you want to continue reading the rest of the article, just click on the link below.

"Everyone needs a little more space in their life. The space can be physical or it can be figurative. We may need space for a new relationship to grow, or to allow ourselves to make a long wanted change or to banish something from our lives. No matter what you need space for; here are some tips to make it happen:

1. Focus on the BIGGER PICTURE. Write down your goals for your space. Don’t simply write down “organize closet”, take it a step further and think about WHY you want to get that area organized. For example, having an organized closet may mean that you can get dressed easily and quickly in the morning. Instead of starting your day on a stressful note, you are starting your day with ease and confidence that you look and feel great. 

2. TAKE A POLL. Talk to family members about what and why they want to get organized. They may want to organize the family room so they can have game nights or your spouse may want to organize the garage so you can put in a home gym. Discussing the reasons behind the upcoming changes makes them easier to implement and more important to everyone.

3. DAILY TASKS.  Once you have your end goal in mind you need to decide what you are going to do EVERY DAY to make this happen. So often we think of cleaning out our clutter and lives as a weekend task that is done once and then it’s over with. In fact, being organized, clutter free and stress free are things you have to work each and every day.

4. BE PRESENT. Just like many things in life, being organized comes from being present. When you walk in the door at the end of the day, don’t simply mindlessly throw the mail down along with your coat and bag. Take the few moments needed to hang them up where they belong. Take 30 seconds and discard junk mail and recycle it.  Doing these tasks when you walk in the door means that you are saving yourself time later and you are respecting your home.  Teach your children to do the same. It only takes a few seconds.

5. DO WHAT BOTHERS YOU MOST FIRST. Often we have a household project that bothers us. We complain about it, but do nothing about it. Often we don’t know WHAT to do, so we do nothing. We are paralyzed by the fear that we will do the wrong thing.  Instead of doing nothing, do something. Just take one small step in the right direction and you will feel great. Those things we’ve been putting off and dreading are often the ones with the biggest reward.

6. CLEAN OUT THE KITCHEN. The kitchen is the heart of every home and the epicenter of your family’s health and eating. If your kitchen is cluttered, you will have a hard time preparing healthy meals and your family time will be compromised. If you are going to take the time to organize only one area of your home, make it the kitchen."

It's SPRING, go CLEAN and make room for whatever you want in your LIFE!

Here is the entire article:

To Your Best Health,

Denise Lovat
Certified Health Coach, AADP

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Are you aware of how you talk to yourself?

Today while running a boring but beautiful 4 miles, I was feeling fatigued around mile 3.5. My mind tricked me into almost walking, but instead of listening to the voice that said "time to walk" I told myself that I only had .5 to go and that "I can do this." I got rid of that negative talk. I stopped it in its tracks, and replaced it with positive talk.

This is a very important aspect of health. If you talk negatively all day to yourself, you cannot possibly feel good about yourself at the end of the day. Are you aware of how you talk to yourself? Do you listen to your own self-talk.

Here is a great 1 DAY exercise to bring awareness to your self-talk.

  1. When you wake up in the morning write down the first thing you are thinking. Is it positive, or negative? Do you say, "I am so tired" or do you say "I am excited for this day to see what I can accomplish?" The mindset is so very different and the energy you bring to your day should improve with more positive self-talk.
  2. During this same day, be mindful of the way you interact with co-workers or people that you are exposed to during the day. Do you talk negative about them in your mind, do you judge them? If you find yourself thinking negative thoughts, write them down on the left side of the page, write down something positive on the right side to replace it. Give someone a compliment instead of talking negatively or judging them. 
  3. During this same day, be mindful of how you treat your spouse or loved ones. Do you constantly wish they were different and let the same things annoy you over and over? If you find yourself thinking negatively about your loved ones, write down your thoughts on the left and the positive replacement on the right. Do something special for them.
Now repeat for the rest of your life and be healthier and happier forever!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Seeds are not just for the birds?

I hope you are enjoying this gorgeous spring day. The birds are telling me that spring is here with their boisterous melodies outside my window. The birds remind me to remind you of the value of adding seeds to our diets.

Seeds are some of the simplest and most amazing sources of nutrients that we can easily add to our day of every meal.

Here are two general benefits:
  1. Their connection to the earth brings us a wide array of minerals as well as protein, fiber and important phytosterols (Phytosterols, which encompass plant sterols and stanols, are steroid compounds similar to cholesterol which occur in plants and help boost disease fighting T-cells, control cholesterol and boost immunity).
  2. Seeds have powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that remove toxins from the body and help prevent a host of chronic diseases including the big "C."
Here are a few seeds and their specific benefits:
  1. Chia - these tiny seeds are mild and nutty and have more antioxidants than blueberries! They will remind you of poppy seeds if you have not seen them yet. They can be sprinkled on oatmeal, rice dishes and sauces. When wet, chia seeds form a pudding like texture. Chia seeds are high in Omega-3 fatty acids. If you soak the seeds before eating the betaine enzymes are released which help us break down protein and fat. If you sprout chia seeds, the fiber helps with blood sugar stabilization and elimination. Alarmingly healthy!
  2. Pumpkin - these seeds are chewy with a sweet flavor (also called pepitas). These are best raw or roasted. Use them in salads, sautés or as a snack. Pumpkin seeds contain a rich blend of antioxidants, including multiple forms of vitamin E.  Pumpkin seeds are a great source of magnesium, zinc, B vitamins, iron and protein as well as fatty acids that lower LDL cholesterol. These seeds support cardio-vascular health. Eat the unshelled version to get the most zinc. Alleluia, add these in!
  3. Flax - these seeds have a nutty flavor similar to wheat germ. Whole flaxseeds can pass through your body without being digested so it is best to grind them yourself or buy ground flax meal. If you buy them already ground store in the refrigerator or freezer.  Sprinkle on oatmeal, in smoothies and on salads. Flaxseeds are high in phytoestrogens called lignans and may help prevent breast, prostate and colon cancers. Sprouting flaxseeds releases more of their Omega-3s and protein. Unlike other seeds chia and flax have a higher ratio of Omega 3/Omega 6. Omega 3s are very sensitive so these seeds should not be heated, cooked or roasted or you will loose the benefit of the Omega 3s. Astounding!
  4. Sesame - these beauties have a light flavor and add a great crunch to dishes. Gomasio (sesame seeds with sea salt) is a great thing to have around to sprinkle over steamed veggies. Sesame seeds are high in oil content and are the main ingredient in tahini, a smooth creamy spread. Sesame seeds are also high in calcium, help to lower LDL, enhance immune response and lower blood pressure. Amazing!
  5. Sunflower - Raw sunflower seeds can be eaten as a snack, in trail mix, salads and stir-fries. When sprouted they can be added to your salads and the nutrient value increases from 100-300%! Sunflowers are especially high in B vitamins which support our immune system.  They are also high in vitamin E, they protect cells, maintain healthy skin and hair and contain selenium which helps to repair damaged cells thus helping to prevent cancer! Awesome!
The best way to consume seeds are raw or sprouted. You will find raw seeds and even seeds butters at your local farmers market or health food store. I highly recommend MOTOR CITY FOOD PRODUCTS at the Royal Oak Market. They make a wide variety of nut butters. My favorite is pistachio!

I encourage you to experiment with seeds. They are a nutrient dense food that will add health to every meal with disease prevention properties.

To Your Best  Health,

Denise Lovat
Certified Health Coach, AADP

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note: this information adopted from Experience Life Magazine April 2014 issue.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

You can't fix your health, until you fix your diet.

When I am in front of a corporate group or an individual, one of the high mileage questions I always ask is:

" What is the one thing that you think you should do to have a positive impact on your health?"
Ninety-five percent of the time the answer is "exercise more." I sigh and say that is a good idea, but what about what is on your plate? What does your breakfast, lunch and dinner plate look like as you sit here today? Ask yourself:
  1. How much green is on your plate? (collard greens, swiss chard, arugula, kale, romaine)
  2. How much animal is on your plate? ( do you eat meat at every meal?)
  3. How much dairy are you consuming and is it high quality dairy? (organic whole or factory skim)
  4. Are there any raw foods in your diet? (sprouts, raw juice, veggies)
  5. Can you name any Super Foods? (cacao, kelp, hemp seeds, chia seeds etc.)
  6. How about carbohydrate? Are they good or bad, and do you know the difference?
  7. What do you consider a good fat? What good fats do you eat for optimal neurological function?
  8. How much cheese do you eat? (have you ever tried raw milk cheese?)
  9. Do you prepare for meals or do you just let them come at you without any thought until you  look at the restaurant menu? (Have you considered taking your lunch to work instead of buying everyday?)
  10. Are you in restaurants a larger percentage of the time than you are in your own kitchen?
The truth is, you will lose weight in your kitchen not at the gym, by managing your plate not the weights.

I site this US New & World Report column by Yoni Freedhoff, MD.

"Looking at real-world studies of exercise and its impact on weight, the results are underwhelming to say the least. Take this 2007 study published in the journal Obesity. Researchers instructed 196 men and women to exercise an hour a day, six days a week, for a year! And researchers weren't just telling people to exercise, they were supervising them and instructing them as well.

Compliance was incredible – only seven study dropouts – and over the course of the year, men averaged 6.16 hours of weekly exercise, and women, 4.9 hours. So did the 320 hours of exercise for the men and the 254 hours for the women lead to weight loss? Yes, but probably less than you might have guessed. Men lost, on average, 3.5 pounds, and women, 2.6. That translates to 91.5 hours of exercise per pound lost.

Now, to be very clear, there is likely nothing better for your health than exercise – truly nothing. There's no pill you can take and no food you can include or avoid that will give you the health benefits of regular exercise. I exercise regularly, and I strongly encourage all of my patients to do so as well. But I also tell them that they can't outrun their forks"

Nothing more to say.

Yoni Freedhoff, MD, is an assistant professor of family medicine at the University of Ottawa, where he's the founder and medical director of the Bariatric Medical Institute—dedicated to non-surgical weight management since 2004. Dr. Freedhoff sounds off daily on his award-winning blog, Weighty Matters, and you can follow him on Twitter. Dr. Freedhoff's latest book, The Diet Fix: Why Everything You've Been Taught About Dieting is Wrong and the 10-Day Plan to Fix It, will be published by Random House's Crown/Harmony in 2014.

To Your Best Health,

Denise R. Lovat
Certified Health Coach, AADP
"Change Your Life with Food"

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Friday, March 21, 2014

To Juice or not to Juice? Gweneth Paltrow's favorite Green Juice

To juice or not to juice, that is the question?

I am not referring to the Nutri-Bullet kind of juicing. I am talking about masticating juicing, that simulates our digestive process. I am talking about squeezing the juice out of organic produce and separating the pulp from the juice. The only thing you consume is the juice...that kind of juicing.

Here are the benefits:

  1. Juice give the body a rest from digestion. When we eat and metabolize our food, it causes free radicals to form. Our body must use its enzymes to work to digest our food instead of repairing our cells and DNA. With juicing, there is no digestion required. The raw juices are fully absorbed within 20 minutes and we bring vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids into our body.
  2. Fresh juice is a live liquid vitamin supplement. The juice of organic fruits and vegetables is the richest whole food source of oxygen, enzymes, vitamins and minerals.
  3. Nutrients in live raw  juice assist the body with electrical conductivity and contain the building blocks for tissue healing and repair.
  4. If you buy a green juice, be careful. Most juice is pasteurized, which means it is heated and no longer raw. This means the microbes (bad for you) and the enzymes (good for you) are both killed. When you buy green juices make sure they are high pressure processed (HPP), or make your own green juices. Here are two brands to look for at Whole Foods Market that are HPP : Blue Print and Suja.
  5. Fresh raw juice gives us abundant energy, gives us fast recovery from illness and slows the aging process.
If you are serious about learning more about juicing and the benefits, Wheatgrass and Sprouts is a great place to start. They offer a variety of classes on juicing and sprouting. Wheatgrass and Sprouts is also hosting a great event this May 17th titled: The Power of Live Food to Heal Disease and Conquer Aging. Brian Clement from the Hippocrates Institute will be the featured speaker.  Please visit their homepage at: to find out more and purchase tickets to this event.

To Your Best Health,

Denise Lovat
Ceritified Holistic Health Coach, AADP

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Top 10 Food Trends for 2014

Consumers heightened environmental awareness and a love for fresh flavors are responsible for the Top 10 Food Trends for 2014 says Melinda Hemmelgarn (Dietitian and radio host in Columbia, Missouri).

Here are the Top 10 Food Trends:
  1. Locally sourced meats and seafood
  2. Locally grown produce
  3. Environmental sustainability
  4. Healthful kids' meals
  5. Gluten-free cuisine
  6. Hyperlocal sourcing (i.e. restaurant gardens)
  7. Children's nutrition
  8. Non-wheat noodles/pasta (i.e. quinoa, rice, buckwheat)
  9. Sustainable seafood
  10. Farm/estate-branded items
Did you know that Compuware here in Detroit has their own garden called Lafayette Gardens in their atrium?

Are the Top 10 Food Trends on your radar?  Email me at to get connected to a local farmer for your organic spring vegetables.

To Your Best Health,

Denise Lovat
Certified Health Coach, AADP
"Change Your Life with Food"

source: Awakenings March 2014 Issue

Sunday, March 2, 2014

How Many Calories Per Day? Read on....

This week I have been enjoying Dr. Daniel Amen's book, "Change Your Brain, Change Your Body." He has done over 70,000 brain scans on his patients including NFL players to discover how to treat  them.  Dr. Amen is a psychiatrist, a clinical neuroscientist, and brain imaging expert.

Because we cannot see our brains, we don't think much about them.  After seeing some photos of toxic brains, I would love to see a scan of my own brain. It also makes me keenly aware that I want to continue to eat the best food possible and take good care of myself.

The truth is, we are what we eat and we become what we eat. When I speak on health I always say that our food goes to the cellular level. I sound like a broken record, but it is the truth. Just like when a chicken is pasture-raised and eats what she is supposed to eat, her eggs are delicious, so the same goes for us.  When we eat well, we look healthy and beautiful.  I can bet that our pasture-raised lady also looks healthy and beautiful.

Here are some things to consider (adapted from Change Your Brain, Change Your Body, by Daniel Amen, M.D.) when you choose your next meal:
  1. Your body continually makes and renews cells, even in the brain. Your skin makes new cells every 30 days! Food fuels cell growth and regeneration. What you consume daily, directly affects the health of your brain and body.
  2. Food is a drug. Foods affect your mood and energy level. Have you ever noticed that when a child eats candy, within a few minutes they start bouncing off the walls? Do you get impatient when you drink too much coffee or caffeine?
  3. Food can make you sleepy. After eating a huge lunch (pasta and chicken for example) do you need a nap?
  4. Food can make you feel great. Eating the right foods gives you good energy that lasts all day long and helps you focus better. When you go to bed a little hungry don't you bounce out of bed to take on the day?
  5. Diet influences everything in your life: your overall health, your ability to think quickly and clearly, your energy level, your physical and athletic performance, your weight, your appearance, your confidence, your self-esteem.
One great thing to know is how many calories your body needs per day. To find out your basic calorie needs, your resting basal metabolic rate (BMR), go here:
I was surprised to learn how few calories I need each day (1,224 !!!). I am not a calorie counter but this is a great number to know.

The answer is the total number of calories a day you need to maintain your current weight. This number helps give you control over your health.

To Your Best Health,

Denise Lovat
Certified Health Coach, AADP

source: Change Your Brain, Change Your Body, Daniel Amen, M.D.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Does February = Chocolate for You?

It is  almost Valentine's Day. My husband and I celebrated this past Saturday as we always do (one week early) to avoid the crowded restaurants and over-priced everything. We have a favorite place where I almost always order the "vegetable plate" for $13.00. I am such a cheap date. You can select four vegetables to customize your plate.  I chose heirloom beets with a touch of goat cheese and toasted walnuts, steamed broccoli (perfectly cooked), roasted asparagus and kumato tomatoes. I have never seen so much color or so many phytonutrients on one plate.  Yes, we shared a bottle of delicious red wine. What an amazing dinner and we did not over do the food.

Just because it is Valentine's Day (or Easter or Christmas or your birthday or St. Patrick's Day) it does not mean you have to derail your intention of getting and staying healthy. When I eat out I think it is easy to stay on track (at some restaurants) due to the choices of side dishes that they offer. Why not order a large salad and two sides dishes: rice pilaf and roasted asparagus. You can fill up on high volume, low calorie foods and after those three dishes your 1 liter stomach will be full and satiated with less room for cheating. You can still go to an upscale restaurant and stay on track. It is your choice.
Now that I am done with the lecture portion I need to tell you that CHOCOLATE is ok! I have a favorite chocolate which I buy at Whole Foods. The name of the bar is Fair Exchange. You can buy 71% or 80% cacao. The ingredients are "whole" and the chocolate is delicious. The bar is low in carbs with a hefty serving size of nine squares. Now I can live with that.
Along the same line, you can make healthier desserts which include high quality chocolate that can help you satisfy the need for Valentine Chocolate, while not harming your health. I have two links below to amazing chocolate treats from Sunfoods:
Another favorite dessert when I have guests, is oven-dried fruit with chocolate and toasted almonds. This requires some time to dry the fruit and toast the almonds but it is so beautiful
​and healthy ​
when displayed for guests on white parchment paper.
​Email me at to receive this recipe.

I have saved the best for last. The raw food chef Ani Phyo has an amazing Raspberry Fudge Cake. I took a raw foods class and we made this cake. It is fabulous and you only need a sliver to be happy.
​ Email me at to receive this recipe.​

This Valentine's Day, tell people in your life who are special to you...that they are special to you! Better yet, make them the Raw Raspberry Fudge Cake
actions speak louder than words.

To Your Best Health,

Denise Lovat
Certified Health Coach, AADP

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Even Cow Girls Get the Blues

That is the title of a book I had to read in college. What it really means is that everyone can get the winter blues if you let yourself. This January may go on record with the largest snowfall in the month of January's history here in Michigan. It is fun, ridiculous and gorgeous when we get 10-12 inches of snow in one day...but we really don't want it to happen again.

I am pretty much done with winter after one dusting on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day and then one big one in January.

Old man winter of course has a different idea. Here in Michigan we will be seeing snow flurries until Easter Sunday.  How can we make it through? Here are some ideas to fuel your connections so that the winter blues do not set in:
  1. Host a wonderful brunch for friends for Valentines Day: You will be busy planning the menu, choosing the guest list, thinking about the table decorations and before you know it will be February 14th! I always host a Mother/Daughter Brunch on or around Valentines Day. I actually had requests to be added to the guest list. So awesome. (Remember I was a personal chef first!). The daughters were required to spend the night and help me cook for their moms. They served their mothers the next day and we have so many great memories over the years.
  2. Make a plan with some good friends to organize a "Ladies Who Lunch" group (or Men Who Lunch or dinner!). You can look forward to getting out of the house once a week for lunch until Spring. Try some new vegan or vegetarian restaurants in your area. Dress up like it is a fancy occasion and enjoy each others company from 11:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. if you can. This is very low cost therapy. You can even make new friends by asking each member to bring a person that no one else knows to one of the events. You can call it "Mystery Guest" day (Mystery Guest, not Mystery Date!).  Now that is some good clean fun.
  3. Plan a one night get-away for you and your spouse or a group of friends. It is always nice to get away from your routine in the winter if only for a day. Try Chelsea, Michigan and go to the Purple Rose Theater and stay at the bed and breakfast which sits right behind the theater. (The Chelsea House:
  4. Plan an awesome end of January Shopping Day with your best friend. The sale racks are full of 70% off merchandise that you can take hours to discover. Pick a favorite place for lunch(Nordstrom Salmon Fish Tacos are amazing!). End the day with a pedicure or massage at Nordstrom's or a local spa. This will help you recharge and get ready for two more months of winter.
  5. Invite two or more friends or family members to a "Cook and Share" with you on Saturday or Sunday. You each bring a great recipe and the ingredients for the recipe (double or triple depending on the number of people). You all cook each dish together, split up the servings and freeze so that you can have a few emergency meals to make your life easier.
See how fast the time went..... it is almost Spring. Don't let the winter blues sink in to your soul. Get busy connecting with friends and family.

To Your Best Health,

Denise Lovat
Certified Health Coach

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Crowd out the old habits and add in the GOOD habits this New Year!

Is it time to experiment with new foods, new exercise, new friends and new careers this new year?
If you are ready to treat yourself better this year, here are some tips to help you get started.
Any change you make regarding food or exercise is considered a "keystone behavior." This means that it will start to impact other areas of your life positively and before you know it, you will be transformed into a butterfly.  I hope that some of these tips hit a bulls-eye for you.

Cut Back These Add in These Benefits
Chips and Salt Snacks Raw toasted almonds, pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, pistachios, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds and chia seeds. Nuts and seeds have preventative effects on diabetes, heart disease, breast disease and manage body weight.
Red Meat Mushrooms of all types Mushrooms have the texture of meat and can aid in weight loss. They will give you a better body composition (less belly fat) and are known to help prevent cancer. Add to soups, or saute with parsley and dill.
Sugar Coconut Nectar, Maple Syrup, Raw Honey, Medjool dates Sugar is inflammatory. When ingested it goes to our cells for energy (glucose). If our cells are already full of glucose they say "see ya" and send it to the liver to be stored as fat. Try three days without refined sugar and see how good your joints feel and the energy you have.
Coffee Tea Relaxing with a cup of tea can reset our physical and mental state in a positive way. Coffee will put our body in the fight or flight mode very quickly and then cause us to crash. There are specific benefits to each type of tea (black, white, oolong, green) and the additive tisanes i.e. ginger, peppermint, hibiscus. Just Google health benefits of tea and off you go.
Holding Grudges Forgiveness "Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. You have to let go at some point in order to move forward." C.S. Lewis
Acidic Foods Alkaline Foods Acidic foods promote inflammation in the body. Try to achieve a balance between these two. For example, oatmeal, walnuts and blueberries are all acidic. If you ate that for breakfast you should eat a large green salad with veggies for lunch to balance out your body. When the body is too acidic, it looks to alkalize itself, going to your bones to release calcium into the blood. As you can see, too much release of calcium would lead to weak bones. For a complete list of acidic and alkaline foods check out these two articles:
Being a Night Owl Sleep 7+ hours per night Sleep removes waste from our brain clearing toxins that could eventually lead to Alzheimer's disease and other neurological disorders according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. Pick one or two nights a week to get in bed before 9:30, you will awaken without your alarm clock and feel like taking on the world.
Adapted from: Taste for Life, Jan 2014

To Your Best Health,

Denise Lovat
Certified Health Coach

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