Monday, February 10, 2014

Does February = Chocolate for You?

It is  almost Valentine's Day. My husband and I celebrated this past Saturday as we always do (one week early) to avoid the crowded restaurants and over-priced everything. We have a favorite place where I almost always order the "vegetable plate" for $13.00. I am such a cheap date. You can select four vegetables to customize your plate.  I chose heirloom beets with a touch of goat cheese and toasted walnuts, steamed broccoli (perfectly cooked), roasted asparagus and kumato tomatoes. I have never seen so much color or so many phytonutrients on one plate.  Yes, we shared a bottle of delicious red wine. What an amazing dinner and we did not over do the food.

Just because it is Valentine's Day (or Easter or Christmas or your birthday or St. Patrick's Day) it does not mean you have to derail your intention of getting and staying healthy. When I eat out I think it is easy to stay on track (at some restaurants) due to the choices of side dishes that they offer. Why not order a large salad and two sides dishes: rice pilaf and roasted asparagus. You can fill up on high volume, low calorie foods and after those three dishes your 1 liter stomach will be full and satiated with less room for cheating. You can still go to an upscale restaurant and stay on track. It is your choice.
Now that I am done with the lecture portion I need to tell you that CHOCOLATE is ok! I have a favorite chocolate which I buy at Whole Foods. The name of the bar is Fair Exchange. You can buy 71% or 80% cacao. The ingredients are "whole" and the chocolate is delicious. The bar is low in carbs with a hefty serving size of nine squares. Now I can live with that.
Along the same line, you can make healthier desserts which include high quality chocolate that can help you satisfy the need for Valentine Chocolate, while not harming your health. I have two links below to amazing chocolate treats from Sunfoods:
Another favorite dessert when I have guests, is oven-dried fruit with chocolate and toasted almonds. This requires some time to dry the fruit and toast the almonds but it is so beautiful
​and healthy ​
when displayed for guests on white parchment paper.
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I have saved the best for last. The raw food chef Ani Phyo has an amazing Raspberry Fudge Cake. I took a raw foods class and we made this cake. It is fabulous and you only need a sliver to be happy.
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This Valentine's Day, tell people in your life who are special to you...that they are special to you! Better yet, make them the Raw Raspberry Fudge Cake
actions speak louder than words.

To Your Best Health,

Denise Lovat
Certified Health Coach, AADP

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