Thursday, September 12, 2013

Where are YOU on the health "Spectrum?"

I woke up today with an analogy in my head, "Just like an autistic person is on the "autistic spectrum", we are all on the "health spectrum."  Where are you on the "health spectrum?" Are you  at the low functioning end where McDonalds and Wendy's reside? Are you at the low end where you are eating out everyday and letting others control your health destiny? Are you in the middle of the "health spectrum" where you are eating salads, salads, salads and feeling miserable and deprived? Are you a vegetarian eating delicious cheeses, pastas and breads ( I am jealous of you!)? Have you ever tried veganism? Will you dare to TRY IT RAW?

I have great news. Where ever you are, you can move. YES! Where ever you are, you can MOVE to higher functioning on the "HEALTH SPECTRUM!" Now go to work.

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