Monday, September 23, 2013

Are you Feeding your Worry? I Have a Secret Weapon...

One of the first things I did to improve my health was to search for a way to decrease worry. As a mother of three children who would soon be teenage drivers, I would lay awake at night worrying about all the bad things that could happen as my children grew up to become adults. Laying awake at night worrying cannot possibly be good for your health...heart racing, tossing and turning, sleep deprivation.

I stumbled upon an article that changed my life. The result of reading the story has armed me against worry that can impact health negatively... the constant downward spiral kind of worry that is heavy on you when you go to bed and heavy on you when you wake up. My mind would always take me to the worst possible scenario. This tool  that I discovered is my secret weapon against worry and a key to good health.

I want to share this secret weapon with you today, in the hopes that it can change your life and improve your health. The article was written by Mary Lou Quinlan and was featured in the November 2010 issue of Real Simple Magazine. Mary Lou Quinlan's mother was ill most of her life. Her name was Mary Finlayson and her secret weapon was writing down on any old piece of paper her worries and prayers and placing them in her "GOD BOX" for God to take off her shoulders. When Mary Finlayson died, her children found not one but 10 "GOD BOXES" spanning many years of their lives. Reading through all the notes was like looking at the tapestry of their lives. It moved me into action.

I immediately bought my first "GOD BOX" at Michael's crafts. I have it pretty near full and I am in need of my second "GOD BOX." Sometimes my prayers are answered within minutes. It is AMAZING! The answers I have received and the relief I feel by physically writing down my prayers and worries and giving it up to God, has improved my health by at least 100%.

The first year I gave "GOD BOXES" to everyone I knew for Christmas. Today I continue to give this gift to many women whom I meet in my life.  If you decide to use a "GOD-BOX" and you have positive results, I would love to hear about it. Email me at Please pass this secret weapon on to others in your life, it is worth sharing.

I invite you to read the original story in Real Simple here:

The author Mary Lou Quinlan has also written a book which was a New York Time Bestseller and she has an inspirational website:

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Denise Lovat

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