Saturday, December 14, 2013

Holidays Bring PeopleTogether ....are you sure?

No matter how hard we try, holiday-time can be stressful and sometimes unpleasant. Perhaps you and your mother's relationship has suffered this year. Maybe you and your spouse have been so busy taking care of your family and children that you have not made anytime to keep the fire burning. Do you have an old friend whom you are estranged from for a silly reason? Do you wish they were still in your life?

When we repair relationships, it can benefit our health immensely. Love relationships can bring immense happiness and joy, but when they are out of line, they can be the source of unhappiness, stress, misery and bad health.

Whether it is your mom, your sister, your brother, your spouse or and old friend, this December is a good time to start to heal and repair. You can try some of these strategies to get you started on the road to relationship recovery:
  1. Make the first move: Who cares if you have to be the one to reach out. We are past the trivial, aren't we? Give this person a call and ask them to meet for a tea, coffee or cocktail. Tell them you were thinking about them and that you want to get together.
  2. Learn to forgive: Harboring angry feelings about a relationship are unhealthy habits which cause little pockets of unhappiness in your body. Some day if you have enough of them they can present as disease. Forgive everyone for everything even if it is hard. The power of forgiveness is for the person who forgives, for you!
  3. Change Yourself:  You know that saying, "the only person you can change is yourself." It is true. You can only change yourself and your reactions to other people's behavior. Instead of reacting with scorn or silence, reach out and heal.
If you need some help with your spouse, this is a great article about a technique called

If you need some help with your mom, this is a great article about moms and daughters but could apply to anyone:

To Your Best Health and Merry Christmas!

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