Saturday, December 7, 2013

Can you make the necessary changes to live out your life in good health?

I find myself at the grocery store almost every day of the week.  I like looking at the produce, shopping and having that time to relax and discover new things to buy. I really like older people and talking to them in the grocery store brings me joy.  The elderly are very sweet and interesting. The elderly always have comments about the price of food, the quality of food or the weather.

I was saddened by my conversation this week with an older diabetic man. His resistance to change, even when his life depends on it, seems stronger than his love of life itself.

We were admiring the sweet potatoes and how they were .59 cents per pound. He said "these sweet potatoes look great don't they?" I agreed and asked him how he usually cooked them. He said he baked or boiled them and that he was a diabetic. I told him that I bake several sweet potatoes in the evening, slice them in half, add coconut oil and put them in foil so that I can reheat in the morning for breakfast. I told him that I dip the delicious hot chunks of sweet potato in almond butter and that sweet potatoes have become my favorite breakfast.

He indicated that his doctor told him not to eat any fat or oil, so coconut oil was out of the question, (proper cell function depends on good fats). He then told me that he was a widower and that when he found out he was a diabetic, he was a vegan for a week and "never felt better." He went on to say that he liked the "traditional food like meat loaf, steak and baked potato."

I almost asked him to repeat the sentence that he just said and to listen carefully to what he was saying.

He said "I was a vegan for a week and NEVER FELT BETTER!" If that was the case, why wouldn't you want to feel that way always and forever? Why would you revert back to what is making you sick?

I am afraid he does not understand the impact that food has on his health. I am afraid that his doctor has not made it clear that he needs to drastically change what he is eating and that each time he eats, his food goes to the cellular level to either make his body work well or to disrupt his cell function and wreak havoc. I am afraid it is too late for this gentleman to make the changes necessary to live out his life in health and joy.

Can you make the changes necessary to live out your life in health?

Here are 11 tips to help you live to be 100!
  1. Don't retire
  2. Floss every day
  3. Move around
  4. Eat high fiber breakfast
  5. Get at least 6 hours of sleep 
  6. Consume whole foods
  7. Be less neurotic
  8. Live like a Seventh Day Adventist: cherish your body on loan from God
  9. Be a creature of habit
  10. Stay connected
  11. Be conscientious
For more detail on each of these tips, go to:
source: US News and World report

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