Wednesday, October 9, 2013

No Gym Membership, No Excuse, Pick up a Jump Rope!

My children took karate from a crusty old man who had a great big heart. He was a good disciplinarian and taught me how to jump rope like a boxer. I am so thankful for that lesson. Many times I do not feel like driving to the gym or doing a formal work-out. I realize that in nice weather it sometimes makes me angry to be inside when the sunshine and freedom of the outdoors is calling me.  What do I do on those days? I pick up my jump rope and head outside to the driveway, or go for a short run with my jump rope and jump 25 times at all the corners that I turn on. I am accelerating my heart rate in short bursts, I feel ALIVE and am not confined to the indoors and working on machines or treadmills.

Here are two good videos to help you learn how to jump like a boxer!
It is hard at first, but you will improve greatly very quickly.

You can find jump ropes at Sporting Goods Stores, like Dicks Sporting Goods and Dunham's.

Don't worry about how fast or how long you do it at first. I recommend you try to jump for 5 minutes each day, not continuous when you first start (5 minutes can seem like an hour). Take breaks whenever you need to. You will start to build endurance and strength. Let me know if you give this a try!
To Your Best Health,
Denise Lovat
Certified Holistic Health Coach
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